5 New launchers 2014 http://youtu.be/ax7oonMm7L0
TOP 10 LOCK SCREENS: http://youtu.be/IGGuSuQykXk
HARDCORE GAMING ON SGS4: http://youtu.be/QgxDJe9yr2s
Wanna make your Droid look cool & user friendly? Here are the top 5 Android Launchers [themes] available in the Play Store for free & this time i am showing these launchers on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500. You can make your phone look like an Windows Phone 8 or iOS [on iPhone 5] device. There is also an app called Swipe Pad shown which can be launched anywhere & this is like a launcher within another launcher which is very useful. Just have a quick look at the video & you will know yourself!

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