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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review!

Like almost always Xiaomi have different versions of a product – to be sold in China, and to be sold internationally. Both versions are already available on most of the webstores.
Unboxing experience is fine – good looking box. The quality of the band seems to be good. Not sure what the OLED display is covered with – but didn’t scratch as much as I expected. Strap is similar to the Mi Band 2, but my hope to have the same size (respectively straps) were dashed as soon as placed them side by side.

Before I get into the review – there are two easy to follow steps in order to switch from Chinese to English:

1. Get the mi fit app version –
2. Run it. It will discover the band and will ask you to update the firmware. That would be it – a few minutes and you will have the fitness tracker in English.

As for the rest of the hardware – you are getting a larger screen that can show more data, more functions, waterproof rating for swimming and version with NFC support. Battery is also larger – now 110mAh , compared to 70 for the predecessor. But the autonomy time has decreased a bit because of all the new features. The smarter it gets, the more power it consumes.
I mentioned there are new features – and you will find a lot of them. The display is now touch. Swiping vertically and horizontally will guide you through the menus, and to activate some of the functions you need to apply long press.
There is an easy to view summary of your activities. Much better structured than on Mi Band 2. Heart rate measurement is also available.
Weather forecast is also there – you can check it for the next three days, and there is a way to specify the location manually.
The menu called “more” is grouping the rest of the features – stopwatch, about section, screen config and silent options. You have a choice among a few watch faces. I love the silent option – in fact there’s no need to touch it – put your phone into silent mode and the band goes silent too!
Good news is that Google Fit sync works out of the box, however there is no Strava integration module.

Because there are a lot of you wondering whether to get the Mi Band 3 or 3, here are my thoughts.
– Build quality of the 3 is slightly better. Honestly – I do prefer the design of the 2. And right now an advantage of mi band 2 is the huge variety of straps and other crazy accessories.
– For the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 it will be more difficult to have a screen protector and may look ugly. The display is glossier, but still better visible. Just like the 2 – it has almost zero visibility on direct sunlight, especially if you have sunglasses. So it is very suitable for people that spend a lot of time indoors and in offices.
– It offers some new awesome features – silent mode that is synced with your phone, continuous heart rate (if I may call it like that), weather forecast, NFC option, touch controls and watch faces.
– There’s waterproof rating and the band 3 is good for swimming.
– looking at the strap design – it looks like after continuous usage, you won’t have any troubles with the watch popping out of the strap, which is very common for the Mi Band 2 after 6-7 months of usage.
The only obvious downgrade is the slightly shorter battery life, despite the larger battery capacity.
And looks like Xiaomi have granted themselves another very easy win against everything else you can buy at the price of around 30 dollars. So – yeah – overall a decent upgrade to the mi band 2, at the same price.


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