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With the new release of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. Everyone expected something magical with iOS7. But Apple decided to once again play it safe. There is so much Android can do that it is becoming apparent that iOS is no longer a threat. Here is a SMALL list of 100 things that iPhone 5S and 5C running iOS 7 still can’t do that most newer Android phones can.

100 Things iPhone Still Can’t Do Complete List: http://goo.gl/0NneHn


1. 10 Things the iPhone 5 Can’t do that Nexus 4 Can: http://youtu.be/WdU29krrqqg

2. Android Home Automation Demo: http://youtu.be/hYMpMt0lwUY

3. Android AutoVoice Demo: http://youtu.be/r_9-TYIt1JQ

4. AutoRemote W/ AutoVoice Demo: http://goo.gl/vCjk6v

5. Android VS iOS The Truth Series: http://goo.gl/IrN70M

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