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5 minutes to remove Android locked screen without any data loss: https://goo.gl/Yeq3Zc

Many times we forget our android screen lock gesture pattern or password or a prankster it changes without notifying you.

In such cases, this app allows you to remotely bypass your phone’s screel lock by sending a SMS.

It removes your gesture pattern or password after receiving a preset keyword along with a secret code via SMS.

SMS Bypass app requires root.


✔ SMS Bypass ($0.99):

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Use this video for unlocking lockscreen if locked already:

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered:

✔ I am using a Galaxy Note ll by T-mobile running a custom rom called CM 10.1 with android 4.2.2
✔ Main Launcher: Apex Launcher
✔ To edit my videos I use AVS4YOU
✔The Camera I use is a Sony GZ-HM30BU
✔Android is the best and I will always use it!
✔ To know what root is check this out: http://www.androidcentral.com/what-ro
✔ To root your phone look it up because its all different.
✔ I will make top apps of the week every weekend!


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